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National Pizza Day: We found Just Eat's top-rated pizza joints for these Shropshire towns

Few dishes can boast the kind of global domination pizza enjoys.

Which pizza places rank top in Shropshire?

One of the most well-known dishes the world over, the humble Italian delicacy is savoured by rich and poor, young and old, risk-takers and unadventurous types alike.

It's so ubiquitous it has its own holiday - National Pizza Day, February 9. And to mark such an occasion, we've collated some of the top pizza places in Shropshire's three biggest towns listed on food delivery website Just Eat.

We've found the highly-rated takeaways in Telford, Shrewsbury and Oswestry on Just Eat's website, ranking those with four out of five and above.

Where two or more pizza parlours have the same average review score, the one with more reviews than the other ranks higher.

Enjoy the rankings below, maybe find a new regular for your takeaway night - and if Just Eat is missing one of your favourites, let us know in the comments below.


  • The Gorgeous Pizza Company (5/5), 11 Market Street, Wellington: A cafe/pizza bar based in Wellington Market's food court with eating space and pre-order/collection facilities. The menu features nine varieties of pizza including the 'Hot 'N' Gorgeous'.

  • Pizza Club (4.7/5), 1 Lion Street, Oakengates: A takeaway shop near the centre of Oakengates. The menu includes 24 varieties of pizza plus create-your-own options.

  • Kebab King (4.6/5), 34 High Street, Madeley: A kebab and pizza shop in historic Madeley. The menu includes a 'Hot Shot' pizza made with garlic butter.

  • Pizza Night (4.6/5), Unit 1a, Calcott, Stirchley: A pizza shop that also sells kebabs. There are 'English Taste' and 'Asian Classic' pizzas on the menu.

  • Nomi's Prezzo (4.5/5), Unit 2, Fourth Avenue, Ketley Bank: A takeaway unit in Ketley Bank. The menu features a 'Full Breakfast' pizza with toppings including baked beans.

  • Caprinos Pizza (4.4/5), 5 Market Square, Wellington: A branch of the Caprinos chain, in the pedestrianised centre of Wellington. The menu includes a 'Caprinos Special' pizza.

  • Fireaway (4.4/5), 10 Oxford Street, Oakengates: A large restaurant/takeaway in a prominent building in the centre of Oakengates. The menu features more than a dozen varieties of pizza including the 'Pestuno' with a pesto base.

  • The Big Blue (4.2/5), Unit 2, Leegomery Centre: A fish and chip shop also known for its pizzas. The menu includes an 'All-day Breakie' pizza with a baked bean base.

  • Slices (4.2/5), 43 High Street, Wellington: A takeaway shop in Wellington High Street. The menu offers a variety of pizzas as well as calzones and 'Desi-style' pizza.

  • Kebab Ye & Pizza (4/5), 1 Market Street, Oakengates: A takeaway on Oakengates' main shopping street. The menu includes a 'Koko's Special' with chicken, pepperoni and vegetables.


  • Pizza Cellar/Sandwich Cellar (4.7/5), 61 Wyle Cop: A takeaway off Wyle Cop with a varied menu including doner calzones.

  • Pizza Bite (4.6/5), 23 Abbey Foregate: A takeaway shop in the shadow of the Abbey. The menu includes a 'London Pizza' served on chips.

  • The Perfect Pizza Company (4.5/5), 33 Castle Foregate: Among the pizzas on offer are 'Chicken & Chorizo' and 'Oriental Express'.

  • The Grange Fryer (4.5/5), 18 Grafton Mews: A chip shop in the north of town which also offers pizzas including an 'All-day Breakfast' pizza with beans.

  • HYPER (4.5/5), 75 Castle Foregate: A takeaway off Castle Foregate which offers a 'Chicken Popcorn' pizza.

  • Caprinos Pizza (4.3/5), 2 Harlescott Lane: A branch unit in Harlescott. The menu includes 'Capricosa' and 'Peri Peri' pizzas.

  • The Crowmere Fryer (4.3/5), 148 Crowmere Road: A chip shop also known for its pizzas, including the 'Crowmere Special' with doner meat.

  • Fireaway (4.3/5), 4 Castle Gates: A takeaway/restaurant on the corner with Meadow Place. The shop specialises in calzones including the 'BBQ Boss' calzone.

  • Little Boro (4.1/5), 4 Frankwell: A pizza and kebab house in Frankwell that offers a 'Ham & Green Pea' pizza.


  • Pizza Bella (4.6/5), 18 Leg Street: This takeaway shop offers a choice of base sauces and a variety of toppings, including the 'Meat Bonanza' which features chorizo.

  • Grill Out (4.3/5), 8 Willow Street: This Mediterranean street food shop sells pizzas including speciality Greek pizzas with feta and olives.

  • Chico's (4.2/5), 22 Beatrice Street: Chico's offers pizzas and calzones, plus sweet pizzas including the 'Drive Me Nuts'.

  • Oswestry Kebab House (4.1/5), 8 Albion Hill: This town centre takeaway sells a variety of pizzas including a 'Doner Special'.