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'Extraterrestrial' markings appear on Welsh beach... but all is not as it seems

Visitors to a beach in Pembrokeshire may be forgiven for thinking aliens have arrived, as mysterious markings have appeared in the sand.

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Broad Haven beach and the markings

The six-metre symbol on Broad Haven beach - one of the UK's most renowned UFO hotspots - has appeared just in time for Halloween.

However, the symbols in the sand have been etched by London-based craft beer company Beavertown Brewery, and it contains a hidden cipher code.

The brewery is encouraging everyone to put their de-coding skills to the test this Halloween by attempting to solve the hidden code in the extraterrestrial beach markings, with the chance to win a prize.

The cipher has been created by Dr Jo Melville from America's Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who explained that people often confuse ancient imagery as being of extraterrestrial origin.

He said: "“Ancient cultures used circular symbols like Norse runic circles and Hindu mandalas, but some elements in this design are more modern.

"The ancient Celts had no knowledge of computer structures, nor did they require them, which is why this design seems of non-human origin. This code is for those who possess a deep curiosity to unveil extraterrestrial messages - only the truly intrepid would decode its secret meaning.”

The brewery has also commissioned research to uncover intriguing insights into the UK’s thoughts on alien life this spooky season.

It turns out that a recent study of 2,000 adults found that almost half of Brits (42 per cent) would try to communicate with aliens if they ever landed on Earth.

The research also revealed that 56 per cent of adults think that it's likely that the Government is hiding the fact that aliens exist.

Tom Rainsford, Beavertown Brewery’s marketing director, said they have created a video and graphic novel to celebrate Halloween.

“Pop on the TV or check your socials, it seems everyone is talking about aliens and UFOs," he said.

"So it’s not surprising that almost half the UK say they’d try and communicate with an alien if they ever came across one. You would, right? Just imagine the questions you’d want to ask.

"At Beavertown we are big fans of all things extraterrestrial, so to celebrate Halloween and the launch of our new short film and graphic novel 'Flightmare', we thought what a better way than to try to see, what’s really out there with a unique extraterrestrial sand message.”

Those who can crack the code hidden within the cipher will be in with the chance to win one of ten £100 vouchers for Beavertown beer and clothing. More details are available at

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