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Shrewsbury burger chain boss in call for people to try career in hospitality

The joint founder of a successful burger chain has called on more people to look at hospitality as a serious career choice as the industry continues to be impacted by a shortage of workers.

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Murf from The Beefy Boys talking on The Fire Stage at the Ludlow Food Festival

Anthony ‘Murf’ Murphy, director at The Beefy Boys, said his business continues to struggle with recruiting new talent, a pattern which is shared across the country.

And he wants people to start looking at the sector as a viable option for a successful career.

It follows a tough few years for the industry which has been hit by severe labour shortages off the back of the Covid-19 pandemic and rising running costs.

Speaking to The Graveyard Shift podcast, Anthony said: “One thing you get in this country, but don’t in America or Europe, is that people don’t look at hospitality as a career.