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3D-printed steak review: An impressive and tasty alternative to real sirloin

It looks and feels like steak and, yes, it tastes pretty much like it too.

The 3D-printed steak at VGN Boulevard, Stourbridge

The new steak menu at VGN Boulevard is something that is intriguing and worth giving a try.

Having previously tried and enjoyed the vegan Rib burger at the restaurant, I was keen to try the new 3D-printed offering and see if if measures up in taste, texture and quality as a Sirloin steak would be at Hickory’s or another steakhouse.

Before the opening night of the Steak Night event, which will run every Thursday, I was given the opportunity to try the Striploin, a 9oz steak, alongside chips, onion rings, a barbecued mushroom, beans and corn-on-the-cob.

The meal itself looks really impressive, with care taken around presentation to make it a proper steak dinner, and the smell of the different parts make a wonderful aroma and heighten the anticipation of the meal.

Pouring on the Jim Bean glaze sauce, I take one of the pre-cut pieces and take a bite, giving myself a few moments to chew and savour the flavour. I’m not disappointed as the steak has a nice texture to it and looks like how a medium steak would look served in a high-quality restaurant, while also tasting authentic enough to please.

It was a 9oz steak, which doesn’t seem like much, but it is very filling and, along with excellent boston beans and well-cooked onion rings and chips, leave me feeling full and satisfied at the end of my meal.

While I love a good steak and wouldn’t want to give up a real sirloin, this is pretty impressive alternative and something I would happily go back and try again.