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Video: From globetrotting to glamping - owner enjoying new holiday business after life in the fast lane

Staying the night in a yurt in the middle of the Welsh border countryside may not be everybody's idea of a perfect holiday – especially at this time of year.

A glamping business which is blooming at Tanycoed Farm in Llansilin. Katrina Boydon inside a yurt

But the owner of a glamping site near Oswestry says business is booming with people coming from across the country to get back to nature.

The quiet countryside is a far cry from the globetrotting lifestyle Katrina Boydon used to enjoy before settling down and opening the campsite less than a year ago.

A glamping business which is blooming at Tanycoed Farm in Llansilin. Katrina Boydon inside a yurt

Mrs Boydon, who runs Barnutopia Luxury Glamping at Tanycoed Farm in Llansilin with husband Steve, grew up in Llangollen but has been working around the world for two decades.

She said: "It was a real lifestyle choice and change for us.

"I'm from Llangollen originally but lived abroad for more than 20 years in Russia, France and the United States.

"The last 'proper' job I had was 10 years as vice president and head of web content and media operations for a Silicon Valley media and marketing company.

"I gave that up towards the end of summer 2013 and spent a year thinking about what to do – then we decided to move back to Britain and open a yurt glamping site.

"Our final fling in the US was a 6,000-mile cross-USA trip towing a caravan with our four children and two dogs – it was epic," she added.

"We arrived back in Britain in August 2014, bringing over our dogs and two horses, one of which is a true American mustang wild horse."

The family moved into Tanycoed Farm in April last year and opened for business in June.

The site currently has three luxury yurts, a furnished stable and a dome tent.

Plans have also been submitted for another 10 yurts.

Katrina Boydon inside the barn/stable

Since opening, the couple say they have been working to restore the building to a usable condition.

"The buildings were unusable and even dangerous for people and animals," Mrs Boydon said.

"Every outbuilding contained rubble and scrap metal and had hundreds of nails sticking out of all the beams.

"Now, the stables and outdoor kitchen shack have been repaired, the pasture fencing has been re-done, and we've repaired the old pigsty and have two pigs.

"We're very happy with what we've done and our guests love us."

She added: "We have had more than 50 five-star reviews, and only five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Pitchup and Airbnb, so far.

"It is very cold at the moment, but we are still open for business.

"Bookings dropped off over December and January, although we were fully booked for the New Year and I cooked dinner for 19, and everyone had a great time," she added.

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