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Whitchurch residents invited to join club's centenary celebrations

Whitchurch & District Club, located at St John's Park, are celebrating 100 years of existence over the weekend of June 8-9, and invite the local community to join in the celebrations.

The club started as a gentleman's club in 1924

The club was formed on June 16, 1924, by Mr Kenyan and Mr Griffiths, who met at the Victoria Hotel on the high street with the intention of setting up a gentlemen's club and a new clubhouse was built at a cost of £475.

Initially, the club had just 16 members and existed solely as a gentlemen's club for nearly 70 years. The membership, realising they could not carry on in its current form, decided - although not unanimously - to allow women to join.

Today the club has gone from strength to strength and has 200 members, 10 bowling teams, eight snooker teams and hosts darts, dominoes and bridge.

Join members on the Saturday to see what the club has to offer and take part in a range of competitions.

Members enjoying bowls at the club

Members celebrate with a centenary lunch on Sunday.

Today the club boasts 200 members

By Patricia Paddington - Contributor

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