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Conor Coady's anger at Wolves VAR call

Angry skipper Conor Coady said players would have to play with their hands chopped off after Wolves were denied at Leicester by VAR.

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Leander Dendoncker’s second-half strike was ruled out after VAR checks showed the ball had hit Willy Boly on the arm a split second before the Belgian netted.

Rules state that any handball – deliberate or not – that leads to a goal is forbidden.

But Coady suggested that was perhaps contrary to advice he had been given before the start of the season – and that the rules were far from clear.

“The thing is, they say they’ve clarified the situation – it’s not clarified,” he said. “It’s what we’re talking about now.

“It’s a goal. People will say they have VAR and it has hit his hand but he is not looking at the ball.

“We are going to have to play with our hands chopped off in future.

“If that is not a goal there is a problem. No-one appealed for it.

“We had a meeting with the referees at the start of the season and they said common sense would prevail in that situation.

“You look at it – Boly is not looking at the ball and not put his hand in the way to knock it down for himself and then shoot.

“He can’t do anything about it.

“We’re going to get dozens of situations like this throughout the season.

“They have brought VAR in to rectify all those problems, but I think it has gone too far the other way now.

“I spoke to the referee at the end about everything that went on in the game.

“I thought there were some sloppy decisions.”

The incident detracted from a hard-earned point for Wolves, who restricted the Foxes to only one shot on target.

Coady added: “It is what it is – we look at the performance and I thought we were brilliant.

“We wanted to be in shape, we knew it was going to be tough but we countered really well and created chances. The performance side of it is really pleasing.”