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Sisters are aiming to get in on the title-winning act

Two young kickboxing sisters from Telford will be in action at the Cannock Leisure Centre this afternoon.


Lilimae Marson, 16, will contest the under-57kg European ISKA British title against Irish fighter Kady Shaw, while younger sister Molli Marson, 15, faces a rematch against Kyriea Williams for the IFKA British title in the minor 58kg category.

The sisters, from Woodside, Telford, have been kickboxing since the age of six, and have trained at the Bai Lang Kickboxing Academy for years.

Professional kickboxer Lee Whitfield coaches both Lilimae and Molli at Bai Lang, and their mum Deborah Barker revealed that he has been a huge inspiration.

"We're either at school or the gym. That's our life and there's no time for anything else," Barker explained.

"Lee has had a massive influence because since they've joined his gym, he has actively fought, so they've gone to his shows, which has made a massive difference.

"It's put more passion into them wanting to do it. To step in a ring in front of thousands of people, which they do, makes them want a future in it.

"And Lee has shown them that you can fight, you can have a career and this can be your life."

Molli clinched three gold medals at the ICO World Combat Sports Martial Arts Championships at Hull in 2023, while Lillimae fought through injury to take home silver.

And a new sponsor from vehicle servicing repair company JM Hughes Ltd has provided them with more opportunities to progress in the sport.

"The girls have just been sponsored by two parents. Mollie coaches their children and they approached us in the gym because they see how hard they work and said they wanted to sponsor them.

"That's helped with extra training and they're going down to Northampton to train with a professional kickboxer, who has just retired.

"It's enabled them to do more training and provided them with more opportunities."