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Liam Davies is feeling ready to sit on top of the world in 2024

Shropshire’s own boxing superstar Liam ‘Dangerous’ Davies has vowed to bring a super-bantamweight world title to the county in 2024.


The 27-year-old, who was born in Donnington, Telford, currently holds the European, British, WBO International and WBC International belts with a flawless 15-0 record.

And Davies, who defended his European title against unbeaten Italian Vincenzo La Femina last month, has his sights set on the biggest prize of them all.

“I feel like I deserve it and I’ve won every belt except a world title right now so hopefully it’ll come,” Davies said. “It’s something that’s out of my control really in terms of when I get it, I don’t pay much attention to it really; I just keep fighting and winning and I’m sure it’ll come.”

He added: “If I can get the world title shot in Telford, or come back and defend it there, that would be great.

“It’s been a long time since Richie Woodhall did it and it will happen for me, it’s just a matter of when.”

Davies won all four of his current belts at the Telford International Centre in front of his adoring home fans, and the ‘Don of Donnington’ wants to keep giving back to his people.

“It’s massive because there’s plenty of bad that goes on, like in any place, so to bring a bit of light and bring people together to watch the fights is a great feeling,” the 27-year-old said. “A lot of people notice me and message me to congratulate me and I’m very grateful, I love the place I’m from and hopefully next year I can bring a world title back to Telford.”

Davies continued: “If you look back into my life I’ve been born, bred and taught boxing, nothing else, so from a young age it’s been my main priority.

“When you get to 16,17,18 you think you know better. It wasn't my priority for a few years and that’s where I lost as an amateur.

“Luckily with great people behind me, and after growing up a bit, I’ve found my feet and living out the dream.”

It is clear to see why Davies is closing in on the pinnacle of the sport after just five years as a professional.

The Don of Donnington revealed that less than a week after he dispatched his latest opponent he was back to work, running off the food he had gauged on after his destructive victory.

“I enjoyed a good few days off, I think I had two days off and then went for a run but it’s hard to switch off from boxing when you’ve done it all your life,” Davies said. “I should probably have taken longer off, but the main thing is I ate loads of food and then I had to run it off.”

Liam Davies celebrates victory

He continued: “I enjoyed time off but I’m back on it now and looking forward to the next one.”

“I wouldn’t say I switch off; I just slow down a bit. I just get to eat more food; I don’t have to train at specific times and get more time to myself because when you’re in camp boxing comes first and you have to go training no matter what.”

Davies had every right to celebrate his recent victory, which came after a stunning fifth-round TKO victory over unbeaten Italian fighter Vincenzo La Femina.

Despite the dominant fashion in which he won; it could have been very different for the Telford man.

Having knocked down his opponent two minutes into round three, Davies himself was caught with a well-timed left hook that felled him less than 30 seconds later.

‘Dangerous’ Davies had been going in search of the knockout, and admitted the mistake left a bitter taste in his mouth despite securing victory shortly afterwards.

“I enjoyed the scrap, but I was frustrated after it (the knockdown),” he said. “It was just a silly mistake that I made, my coaches tell me not to push and rush to much, but I like to please, it’s an entertaining business and I feel like I did entertain that night.”

Davies added: “It was my most entertaining fight so far and that’s due to the mistake I made, it would’ve been nice to have done it cleaner, but I showed people that if you knock me down I’m going to come back up and back harder.”

“I take things very personally, when he knocked me down I thought ‘I’m gonna get you you f****r’, so I got back up and came with mean intentions.

“I was happy to come back like a proper champion and finish the fight how I did.”

That perfectionism should stand him in good stead as his journey towards world domination continues.

At 27 years old the Shropshire-born superstar has enjoyed a brilliant start to his career, cementing himself as one of the country's brightest boxing talents.

And while the hype train is very much real, Davies is happy to remain patient in search of his lifelong dreams of lifting a world championship belt.

“It’s another good year in the bank, I’m where I wanted to be, I’m still unbeaten and my profile is rising,” he said. “I wouldn’t say I’m young or old, age is just a number, and this is the time it was meant to happen, certain things in life are just meant to be and this was always destined for me.

“I’m patient and I know it’s not my job to get involved with making the fights happen, but I’m ready for a world title shot whenever it comes.”