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Boxer Tyler Denny’s daily battle to make middleweight ahead of huge fight

To compete at middleweight Tyler Denny must tip the scales at no more than 11 stone, six pounds, nearly two stone lighter than his natural, everyday weight.


Here he describes a typical day in his life during the two-month training camp preparing for a European title fight.

5.30am: The alarm goes off. Some days you wake up hoping it is p*****g it down so you don’t have to go our for an early morning run. I’ll have a coffee to get me going and then between six and seven I will go out for a little jog. Nothing too heavy. I normally do around six miles, at 10-minute mile pace, just to keep the weight down.

7.30am: Back home for breakfast. Every day it is the same, porridge and eggs. Then if I’ve got the kids it is time to take them to school, or do a bit of work around the house.

10am Time for training. Usually it is at the BCB gym in Wednesbury, though every Tuesday we are on the track at Tipton Sports Academy. Our coach, Paul Mann, always has the days planned out. One session we have to hammer the bodybag. You build-up gradually, starting with six rounds and then up to eight, nine and 10. Another day you might do some sparring, some circuits or pad work. He draws up a mixture of everything but whatever you do, it is always hard.

12.30pm Back home for lunch. It is chicken and rice normally, always healthy. When you are further out from the fight you can maybe have the odd cheat meal or two but I try to avoid that. My girlfriend, Emmaleigh, cooks most of my meals, which is a huge help. She also does a lot of the washing, of which there is loads when you are training and getting through three lots of clothes a day. I couldn't do it without her.

1.30pm If I can get away with it, then I have a little nap.

3pm Pick the kids up from school.

5pm It is back to training. I sometimes go to the fitness gym in Dudley and do some spinning or cardio. Other times I will go back to Wednesbury and do some more pads.

7.30pm It is back home and time to chill. I’ll have some food, some salmon and new potatoes is what I had last night.

10pm Bed time. Sometimes I have to tell myself off. You know how it is, you get into a series or something and it is so easy to watch another episode. 10pm has to be the cut off point for the TV. I go upstairs, set the alarm for 5.30 and get ready to do it all over again. Repeat the above every day for nine or 10 weeks and you are ready.