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Telford's Macauley Owen trusting the process as he targets a quick win

Macauley Owen is predicting an early stoppage as the Telford fighter returns to the boxing ring against Maicol Velazco.


The promising 25-year-old has an unbeaten 6-0 record and will face a fighter with a winning record for the first time in his professional career, with Colombian Velazco holding a 10-8 record.

But Owen is confident he will handle the next step up in his career with ease on Saturday at the Telford International Centre.

“I haven’t looked too much at him to be honest,” he said.

“My coach has had a look, but we’re not prepping for too much. We’ve heard he leans in over his front foot a little bit, which suits my style. If he does that, it won’t be six rounds, it’ll be two or three.


“I’m punching very hard in the gym and I’m confident I’ll take that into the ring.

“I’m definitely getting better. There was a phase in my professional career where I felt I was getting a bit stale fighting these journeymen. I was punching holes in them.

“The lads are now getting a bit better and my big shots will be landing when they open up, like my last two fights have shown.

“The last lad was tough, he had a lot of stoppages and wins on his record. We’re now facing a fighter with a winning record for the first time and I want the step up.”

After his last win over Christian Lopez Flores, Owen was calling to fight for the Midlands title, but it never came to fruition.

The Telford fighter has learned not to be frustrated when fights fall through, as he targets glory in the future.

He added: “I wanted the Midlands title shot this time, to be honest. I do feel I’m ready for it, but the promotional team and management have their plan for me. I have to trust the process. You can get frustrated about it, but it’s not going to do anything to help, you just have to take it and deal with the cards you’re dealt.

“I’m taking that approach to this game, nothing is ever as you expect, and I’m just looking forward to the outcome because I know what is coming for me is very good.

“I used to get too tied-up in that, thinking things had to happen a certain way to be right, but I’ve soon realised there isn’t one right way. It will happen no matter what, I just need to trust the process and get it done on fight night.

“I’ve boxed at lightweight and I’m comfortable there, but I do think I’ll be more dangerous at super- featherweight. I’ll be a much bigger puncher and bigger in size.

“Super-featherweight is my weight that I will compete at, but if the Midlands shot came at lightweight I definitely wouldn’t turn it down.”