Shropshire Star

Shabaz Masoud ready to take it to next level

Shabaz Masoud is ready to announce himself as a 'world level' fighter as he prepares to take on fellow undefeated boxer Jack Bateson for the WBA Inter-Continental super-bantamweight title.


Coming off the back of a two-round demolition of Yoan Boyeaux in Dubai earlier this year, Masoud is now returning to the ring for a huge bout against Bateson on November 11.

Masoud started out at Wellington Boxing Academy in Telford and now trains with Tyson Fury's former coach Ben Davison, and is ready to prove his skill on Probellum's card in Sheffield.

"I've been calling for fights like this for a while. The main thing is that it's here now and the timing is right," Masoud told the Shropshire Star.

"I've got better and better. I keep improving in the gym.

"I'm shining with every challenge. People will be raving about me after this fight.

"Camp has been amazing. I've put in the work non-stop and I'm just ready to go now.

"I was planning on getting out in August but a few things happened that stopped that.

"I've been in the gym since my last fight. I've not taken any rest or any break, I've been in the gym non-stop.

"As soon as this fight got mentioned, I was pushing for it straight away. All I do is eat, sleep, repeat boxing. That's my life.

"My last fight was a different experience. It was abroad and the weather was a lot hotter.

"Boyeaux had been in with a lot of good guys and fought for a world title. He was on that level as an opponent and I took him apart.

"I've still got a lot more to show. No-one has seen my best yet, I just keep getting better."

To achieve his dreams, however, Masoud has to get through his next challenge as he faces 17-0 undefeated fighter Bateson.

"He's a good opponent who has very good amateur experience," Masoud added.

"Since he's turned pro he's done well, but I feel like I'm more than capable of exploiting his weaknesses.

"I want to beat him comfortably. As long as I do that, no-one can say anything.

"He's a big name and a good fighter, but I have the tools to beat him like that. It will show people that I'm world level.

"There's a fine line between cockiness and confidence.

"Sometimes people who don't know me or understand my journey, they think I'm cocky.

"When they get to know me, understand the struggle I've been through and the graft I've put in, they then realise why I'm so confident. My struggles have made me like this."

Not only is this fight for the WBA Inter-Continental belt, but it is also a final eliminator for the British title.

That crown is currently held by Telford's Liam Davies, who is fighting on November 19 for the European title, and Masoud can see a fight with Davies in the future.

"There's a lot of options for me after this fight, but forget all the titles, for me it's about getting in there and beating him," Masoud said.

"Some of these guys with titles, I'd beat them tomorrow. They get matched right to win those titles, but they won't be able to avoid me now.

"After this fight, a lot of people will realise what I'm about.

"I'll leave it to the team to see what they want to do next, but there is a fight there with Liam.

"I've boxed him twice. We fought once as kids and once as senior amateurs and I beat him twice. That fight is always there, but we'll see what happens.

"In boxing, things can change overnight, it's a mad game. I'll work hard, have faith in god and god will open the doors for me."