Shropshire Star

Boxers show off their strength at Bridgnorth event

Strettonia Boxing Club hosted its first ever strongman competition, followed by a boxing show in which there were two big title wins.


The club, run by Steve Rickets and Micky Wilding, hosted the event at Bridgnorth Rugby Club.

Ten competitors signed up for the strongman event and it was a really close competition, with some lifting as much as 140kg in the overhead log and 260kg in deadlift.

Leigham Hunt won the overall event, followed by Sam Hope.

Shropshire Arms Club also ran arm wrestling competitions throughout the day, as well as tutorials.

A total of 17 boxing bouts followed the strongman competitions, with Luke Evans, Liam Bennett and Dan Marston among the junior competitors.

Christian Urbano, Shaun Smith, Ben Perks, Jay Lloyd, Scott Hammer, Tom Budgen, Will Pounty, Samuel Byers, Ryan Machin, Adam Pugh and Ryan Pugh were among the senior competitors.

There were also two titles up for grabs, with Robin Spence earning the Shropshire Lad Middleweight title and Chris Preece taking the Shropshire Lad Welterweight belt.

Rickets said: "All these lads put everything into their training and it was really something else to watch them in the ring."