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Macauley Owen aims to be a hit on return

Macauley Owen is ready and raring to go after overcoming an injury setback early in his boxing career.


The Telford fighter, who trains at Box Smart Elite boxing club in Walsall, is signed with Frank Warren's Queensberry Promotions and made a fast start to his career with two victories in the space of a month late last year.

Ongoing injuries have kept him out for five months but the 24-year-old will make his return on Saturday on Warren's card at the Telford International Centre.

"I'm feeling very good and ready to go," Owen said.

"I've had a lot of injuries over the last few months. I haven't been in the ring for five months now after the injuries picked up in my last two fights, so I'm raring to go.

"Thankfully the injuries are better now. I've had a good four-week camp for this fight and I'm ready to fight.

"I had an injury to my elbow that wouldn't seem to get better. I went back and forth seeing phyios.

"I had an MRI scan, which showed I had a very healthy elbow, yet I was in considerable pain while boxing. That got better over time as I did some lighter resistance work.

"I also had a cut underneath my chin from my last fight that reopened in sparring and I had to wait for that to heal before I could spar again – so I've only sparred about four or five times for this fight, but you have to make the most of it. I'm more than ready now."

The super-lightweight is facing 35-year-old Liam Richards, who has a 12-72 record.

But fighting in his home town of Telford, Owen is not underestimating his opponent.

"We know Richards is a journeyman and has had a lot of fights, but he won his first few and obviously has something about him," he said.

"The prospect journey wasn't for him so he went on the road, but he's only been stopped in one fight so we're expecting a tough night's work.

"I'll take my time with it, try and take him apart over the four rounds and push for a stoppage – I want to be an exciting fighter. We'll break him down.

"I'm not taking him lightly in the slightest, I won't take any fight lightly. I want to keep the crowd happy so I'll press the fight. I want to stamp my presence on the division in every fight.

"I'm really excited for it to be in Telford, my home town, and it's been a while since I boxed there as while I was away at University.

"To be back in Telford should be amazing. A lot of people have bought tickets and I'm excited to show how far I've come.

"It's my first professional fight in Telford and I boxed at Donnington for six years, so I know a lot of them are coming out to watch me and show their support.

"Me and Bradley Thompson are flying the flag for Telford, that's what it's all about!"

Owen's professional debut saw him knock-out Michael Horabin within one round, before he went the distance against Constantin Radoi.

Now onto his third fight, Owen insists he is still learning as he navigates the professional game.

He added: "I'm looking to take my time in the game. I had a long amateur career and I need to learn my trade as a professional.

"I managed to take out my opponent on my debut but the second fight was a learning curve for me. I started looking for the big punches and the knockout didn't come.

"There's a few more shows coming up throughout the year and I want to get out as many times as I can.

"Having five months out isn't favourable, so I want as many fights as I can. I want to really get going this year."