LETTER: We need more time to negotiate with EU

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A reader shares their thoughts on extending the time to negotiate with the EU.

More time needed.

What does Tuesday, June 30 mean to you?

This is the final date by which the UK Government can apply for an extension to the transition period which expires on December 31.

If the UK Government does not apply for an extension (of up to two years) and negotiations between Michel Barnier and David Frost falter, as seems more and more likely, then the UK will be leaving the EU on unfavourable WTO terms at a time when our economy is already in the deepest recession imaginable as a consequence of Covid.

Neither the Government nor HM Opposition are yet talking about this because rightly the virus has been the preoccupation and number one priority.

If the transition is extended, UK contributions will not continue to be calculated in the same way. In extension discussions, the matter of future budget contributions would be calculated and negotiated separately.

It is of course no longer a question of whether we leave, but when. The pandemic has totally altered the paradigm and it is now essential that enough time remains for a mutually advantageous settlement of terms be reached between the UK and EU negotiating teams.

These negotiations must continue apace but according to a revised transition timetable to allow for an orderly departure which will not compound the already deep and un-quantified recession which the UK economy is entering on the admission of Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

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Cllr Anthony Lowe, Mayor of Wellington


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