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I refer to the article by F Jennings of the West Midlands regarding the issue of a medal in recognition of general defence service and can only concur with his remarks regarding the non-issue of such a medal.

This is typical of an organisation like the MOD that squanders millions on some unnecessary equipment, overpriced aircraft carriers and anything else that should have been purchased within budget.

How many people request three or four quotes for a job and pay more on receipt of the bill? There was one instance when a British invention to save lives by fixing skirting to vehicles should have been purchased by the MOD but they procrastinated, yet the US military did not hesitate to purchase.

In another instance regarding medals, they waited until the majority of the Arctic Convoy personnel had died before issuing a medal and had the affront to issue a directive that they should not receive a medal presented by Russia in recognition of their bravery. They cannot even be bothered to issue a new medal for each campaign because I, like thousands more, merely received a clasp to save money.

Whilst writing this letter it has been announced by Combat Stress that they cannot accept any more personnel because of lack of funding and in another instance they would not fund a recreation garden for those suffering from mental stress. Will this government please sort out this injustice as soon as possible?

If necessary scrap HS2 and reduce overseas aid and use that money or possibly reduce the number of admirals which stands at 38, being approximately one per two ships! I rest my case.

Martin Reid, Edgmond

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