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There is nothing like an independent judiciary and thank God for that.

Our constitution is the bed rock of our society and our independent judiciary must ensure that it remains so that way; that no one, not even the Prime Minister, can ride rough shod over that. Whatever your gripe, whatever your issue and to be able to go to the court and ask for justice or review of your case/situation, with the knowledge that you will be heard without any political interference or any other pressures, is indeed a rare luxury in our country. It may cost you an arm and a leg, but it is there, nevertheless.

As a member of the amnesty international and a firm believer in every aspect of the human rights, I could not but take my hat off to 11, I wish they were 12, good men and women who delivered unanimous verdict on our Prime Minister's parliamentary shenanigans —something that would hang around his neck like a mill stone for the rest of his life.Whichever side of the argument you are, the undeniable fact remains that you can take the holder of the highest political office of our country to the court, chastise him and he without any equivocation obeys the judgement.

It is the principal of the matter rather than the verdict itself that is important. Without naming the names of any countries from around the world, who purport to practice or have their own kind of democracy, where such move would be unthinkable- where any elected official, let alone the prime minister, are thought of as gods and to take them to court could lead to financial ruins, loss of life or career suicide.

I do hope that developing countries around the world are watching our judicial system and learning something from it –that no one and I mean, no one, is above the rule of law.

Kuldip Sahota, Telford

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