We voted Leave to control our own borders

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I do not believe that Anne Titley of Kington and her husband made a dreadful mistake voting to leave the EU, nor do I believe they ‘were conned’ by a very slick vote leave campaign – I saw no such campaign.

The plain fact is that no one, Leavers or Remainers, have the slightest idea what will happen.

The working class, middle class, House of Lords, Commons, Civil Service – no one knows.

What is plain to see is the fact our politicians have been paid to keep us in the worst possible union the country has ever joined, our PM paid millions to promote the remain vote and failed, and they have refused to do the job they are paid to do, like hiring a driver who then refuses to drive. Why are they still in the job and still getting paid? I would sack the lot tomorrow.

The majority voted correctly, voted to regain our sovereign status, the ability and right to rule ourselves handed over by our pathetic, money grabbing politicians who stood by and allowed the EU to give the right to every crook in Europe to move in with us and, looking at the crime figures, it seems most of them did!

We leave to control our own borders and make our own decisions.

We will not starve and logic dictates that where there is a demand there will always be a supply – it is called business!

Bob Wydell, Oswestry

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