We must get our priorities right

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It is 2019 and we are hearing reports that take society back decades. Child poverty is endemic, which means families are living in poverty.

In some areas councils do not have the money to provide any cover, let alone the best cover for young people with special educational needs.

How can any child do the best for themselves, therefore its future, as the most fruitful citizen it can be for its family and society.

Those with the greatest need are now without any specialist support, not even when they should be taught at home. This can and does affect their lives, their families’ lives and if actually placed in a school, the chance for their classmates to achieve their own highest potential, if there is disruption.

There are more sleeping rough or in the homes of friends, if they are lucky. Without proper addresses so that much of what they need is not available to them.

They are not all rogues, a plague on society, so many desperately want to lead meaningful lives within society, but even with qualities and qualifications, some are denied that chance. What a waste to society as well as them.

Families are trapped, even working long hours, and/or manipulating more than one job, they can barely keep themselves out of poverty, let alone enjoy the full life they richly deserve.

Now, facts come to light or are seen more openly, of families denied a normal life, because councils can’t afford to give any support to those who need special care within their own homes, or even within care homes, quality care for a long enough period of each day to give those closest to them a rest and relaxation time they need and deserve.

All this causes stress and poor mental and physical health which will in turn affect the present and future of those, who have supported their family, so that they in time need and will probably need more special care before they need pension aid.

We must get our priorities right.

B A Flowers, Newport


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