‘Remoaner’ insult is getting tiresome now

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Looking at the headline in the letters column “Leave it out Remoaner” I felt a wave of disappointment that, not only has that particular insult been done to death by now, but I always considered that those who trade insults do so because their argument is so weak it needs reinforcement via such puerility.

However, now that Donald Trump has indicated that the NHS could well be in his sights, can the Brexiteers please tell me how that stacks up with the reliance on red bus slogans (or is that still a Farage “mistake”?), and although I do not like to be called a Remoaner I am a committed European, a Re...Action Man even; so much so that if we do leave without a substantial deal I will definitely decamp to the mainland in short order.

However, I would be so so comforted to know that those who constantly bang on, obsessively about leaving the EU to regain some notional concession or other will actually put their muscle where their keyboards presently reside and sally forth to volunteer to fill the gaps left when all us Europeans clear off.

In fact, clear off just like the alleged arch Brexiteer James Dyson.

But should anyone think that he has gone to south east Asia because he worries about Corbyn then all I can say is that the opticians in Oswestry must sell a better class of rose-tinted specs than other parts of the county.

John Harrison, Whixall

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