No proof of our beginnings

As Brexit rumbles on, seemingly without a solution acceptable to all, correspondence on creation issues may bring some relief and your regular contributors holding to Darwinian evolution keep up the interest!

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin

AC Mitchell’s letter dated March 27 certainly raises some interesting points, arguing that evolution explains the diversity of life but not its beginning. Put another way he is saying that evolution explains the survival, not the arrival of the species.

Darwin’s On the Origin of Species suggests that the origin is important. Some evolutionists do claim that the origin of life is not part of evolution. However, probably every evolutionary biology textbook has a section on the origin of life in the chapters on evolution.

The University of California, Berkeley, has the origin of life included in their ‘Evolution 101’ course, in a section titled “From Soup to Cells – the Origin of Life”. High-profile defenders of ‘all-things-evolutionary’, such as PZ Myers and Nick Matzke, agree that the origin of life is part of evolution, as does Richard Dawkins who tries to deal with the origin of life in The Greatest Show on Earth where he claims to prove evolution.

Further reading on this can be found on the Creation Ministries International website in their article on the origin of life by Don Batten B.Sc.Agr. (Hons 1), Ph.D. If there is no first creature, there can be no so-called evolution.

Scientists today are just scratching the surface of how even single celled creatures work, never mind how life began. Atheistic evolution by its very name and nature will not countenance the existence of God so has to explain everything by naturalistic means.

But everything cannot be explained this way. Life certainly cannot. Even if you get all the ingredients together in the right quantities you do not get a living being. Life can only be given by the great life giver, outside of and creator of time and matter and power, the eternal, all knowing, all powerful spirit who calls himself God and who has revealed himself to mankind in the person of his son, Jesus Christ, who walked this earth two thousand years ago as recorded by well attested historical documents which we have today.

I know who I believe. He gives meaning and purpose to each human being, He values them for who they are, not how they look or what they can do or how much they earn or the colour of their skin. He tells us he loves us so much that he gave his son, Jesus Christ, to die so that despite our rebellion against him, we can be acceptable to him by confessing our rebellion against him and trusting his son for our salvation.

Which theory of the origins of matter, movement, time, life and hope does AC Mitchell commend?

David Burton, Calverhall

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