High street closures due to management inexperience

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I am not surprised at the news House of Fraser has become the latest casualty in a trade war that has been resulting in the closure of many high street famous names.

House of Fraser in Shrewsbury

I first started work as a bespoke tailor at Jacksons, part of the Burton group, both of which had prime locations on Pride Hill.

Unfortunately Jacksons closed, followed eventually by Burtons, as a result of which I moved to Rackhams, House of Fraser to the menswear department, where I settled in very well, until we had a new general manager who wanted to spruce things up, resulting in dubious actions that led to my manager being sacked.

The young lady I worked with was moved to another department, and I was informed by the powers above that I would be moved to another department too – stationery.

After having worked in menswear, bespoke and off the peg, I decided to make a total change, which resulted in my joining Royal Mail, which is where I remained for 30+ years until retirement.

As I stated I am not surprised that major household names have vanished from the high street. Perhaps if we hadn’t had so many interfering managers straight from college, with their pieces of paper and no common sense, leaving trained people in the positions that they were qualified for, there would not have been so many of the high street stalwarts disappearing. They only have themselves to blame.

Martin Eddies, Shrewsbury


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