I only said I would give Boris a chance

My big-hearted missive once Boris was properly in charge was to count the cost in both time and money by trying to get rid of him after only a fortnight to which some were dedicated, and deciding that we might as well give him a friendly whirl.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

Then there was the embarrassing Scottish encounter where he clung on to Nicola Sturgeon’s hand as she tried surreptitiously to wrench it away.

Followed by open hostility when the new Prime Minister went on to Northern Ireland and Wales. And it was in Wales where this week’s by-election was won by the Lib Dems leaving Boris – and others, of course – to flounder in defeat at the Brecon and Radnorshire by election and reduce Boris’s working majority to just one. And even I was suggesting that when it comes to active politics, it’s not looking brilliant so far is it, Sir?

Though when I mentioned that more widely, others interested in these matters accused me of doing a convenient turnabout. Well, it’s only been a week or so that he’s been let loose on the circuit so we need to think just a bit farther ahead, don’t we? On which point I had a message from an apparently keen supporter saying that I was a turncoat.

Well now, look here, I only said I’d give him a chance!

At least I can try and keep to my other intention. And that is having even now failed to understand Brexit, I can throw its remnants to the four winds. Because I have found a brand new word to parade around as though I know what I’m talking about.

Brino. Yes, Brino (Brexit in name only).

Oh scream, scream. If you want me right now, I’ll be hiding under the church pew outside our house with a very unlikely dictionary in my hand. Brino?

As we regular writers know only too well, it’s all too easy to write one thing and (accidentally) say or certainly think, another. Or support something diligently and at the same time, (accidentally) find yourself wearing, eating or paying into a future for the exact opposite. It happens!

And I loved the comment from a colleague who points out that more than 100 private jets, endless amazing yachts only for the very rich with their diesel fumes, grim C02 and other suspect nasties, drifting round the Mediterranean, you do have to wander, yes? Yes!

And what makes everyone wonder more in this case is that the luxury traffic and accommodation was all heading (accidentally) for a big discussion on the potential horrors of global warming. Ah yes, of course!

Then there is our splendid Prince Harry. He is a classic example of the ‘whoops-a-daisy’ syndrome which sometimes gets him into trouble.

This guy who contributes so much to our nation and is not afraid to speak from the heart to those who need understanding and care the most.

While millions simply want our loved and much admired Royal Family to share joys and sorrows with them, to see the baby as he grows. Like our own families. Honestly.

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