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'They're no different to anyone else!' Trust in politicians thin on the ground in Bridgnorth

Faith in politicians was in short supply in Bridgnorth when we took to the streets to speak to residents about the upcoming General Election.

Trevor Gretton

There was only one clear consensus in Bridgnorth's town centre on Friday - everyone agreed something needed to change in British politics.

From the NHS to the closure of the local tip, the residents we spoke to all told us that they were unhappy with the way things were and it was making a difference in how they would cast their vote in the upcoming July election.

But few of them had any trust that the options they were presented with would make a significant change.

Local issues seemed to be at the root of people's distrust in politicians, with many citing concerns for the state of the town's market hall, potholes and the potential closure of the local tip.

What some saw as the failings of local government appears to be swaying the national vote - at least here in Bridgnorth.

James Gittins, 51, of Severn Valley Landscapes, said local issues were a common talking point among residents in the run-up to the election.

James Gittins

He said: "I think it's going to be a tough one, especially for the people of Bridgnorth, I don't think they know who they are going to vote for.