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Telford & Wrekin Council elections: Full list of candidates standing in this year's poll

Candidates have been announced for next month’s Telford & Wrekin Council elections.

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All seats at Telford & Wrekin Council are up for grabs in this year's local election

The poll on May 4 will see the borough’s boundaries re-drawn, with changes to the borders of all but one ward.

Labour will be hoping to retain control of the authority for another four years, but has competition from the Conservatives, with both parties fielding a candidate for every one of the 54 available seats.

The Liberal Democrats are contesting 27 seats, and the Green Party 13.

Telford Independents have put forward 19 candidates, but they are listed only as independents as the group’s application to be registered as a political party was rejected by the Electoral Commission. The group has been formed by former Conservative councillors and members.

There are also five standalone independents, and one Libertarian Party candidate.

Council leader Shaun Davies is standing for re-election in Malinslee & Dawley Bank, alongside fellow Labour candidate Elise Davies as Lord Kuldip Sahota steps down. Among those opposing them is prominent Conservative commentator Samantha Smith.

Among the most notable boundary changes is the creation of the new Lawley division, which has 11 brand new candidates bidding for three available seats.

Shawbirch & Dothill have merged, as have Arleston & College and Haygate & Park, while the current Ketley & Overdale is set to split, along with Edgmond & Ercall Magna.

In Newport, all four current councillors are standing for re-election, but the town is set to move from two two-member wards to four single-member divisions.

The changes will see the current two councillors for Newport South & East – Conservative Eric Carter and Liberal Democrat Thomas Janke – going head-to-head for the single seat of Newport South, with further competition from Labour candidate Rachel Keen.

Meanwhile a number of serving councillors are moving to contest different wards, including Ian Preece who is standing in Lightmoor instead of Dawley & Aqueduct, and Eileen Callear and Amrik Jhawar, who are both moving from Ketley & Overdale to Hadley & Leegomery.

Also relocating are councillors Jacqui Seymour, who is standing in Woodside rather than Wrockwardine, while John Thompson moves from Park to Wrockwardine Wood & Trench, and Rae Evans departs Woodside for Priorslee.

Here are the candidates in full

Admaston & Bratton (one seat):

Becky Eade (Cons)

Bill McClements (Lab)

Kim Tonks (Lib Dem)

Thomas Hayek (Green)

Apley Castle (one seat):

Andrew Benion (Cons)

Usman Ahmed (Lab)

Karen Blundell (Lib Dem).

Arleston & College (two seats):

Jeremy Good (Cons)

Philip Morris-Jones (Cons), Lee Carter (Lab)

Angela McClements (Lab)

Bev McCarthy (Green)

Brookside (one seat):

Robert Burnett (Cons)

Arnold England (Lab)

Greg Sinclair (Telford Ind)

Church Aston & Lilleshall (one seat):

Andrew Eade (Cons)

Lynda Broughton (Lab)

Sally Wiggin (Lib Dem)

Dawley & Aqueduct (two seats):

Michael Carline (Cons)

Martin Vickers (Cons)

Andy Burford (Lab)

Lyndsey Parker (Lab)

Alison Cheshire (Lib Dem)

John Adams (Green)

Sam Deakin (Telford Ind)

Donnington (two seats):

Jay Gough (Cons)

Thomas Hoof (Cons)

Fiona Doran (Lab)

Ollie Vickers (Lab)

Ross Minton (Green)

Edgmond (one seat):

Stephen Burrell (Cons)

Simon Lord (Lab)

Nick Collier (Lib Dem)

Ercall (one seat):

Miles Hosken (Cons)

Giles Luter (Lab)

Pat McCarthy (Green)

Ercall Magna (one seat):

Stephen Bentley (Cons)

Gemma Davis (Lab)

Thomas Baker (Lib Dem)

Hadley & Leegomery (three seats):

Kevin Hall (Cons)

Brett Murray (Cons)

Naz Younas (Cons)

Eileen Callear (Lab)

Amrik Jhawar (Lab)

Gemma Offland (Lab)

Toby Poulsom (Green)

Julie Kaur (Telford Ind)

Lesley Savage (Telford Ind)

Paul Savage (Telford Ind)

Haygate & Park (two seats): Sylvia Hall (Cons), Stuart Parr (Cons), Graham Cook (Lab), Paul Davis (Lab), Pat Fairclough (Lib Dem), Tim Wills (Ind).

Horsehay & Lightmoor (two seats): Rupal Karpe (Cons), Tayisiya Lawrence (Cons), Raj Mehta (Lab), Ian Preece (Lab), Archie Bennett (Lib Dem), Kate Barnes (Telford Ind), Steve Barnes (Telford Ind).

Ironbridge Gorge (one seat): Harvey Mitchell (Cons), Carolyn Healy (Lab), Debbie Miller (Lib Dem), Bridget Irving (Green).

Ketley (one seat): Joy Francis (Cons), Ranbir Sahota (Lab), Andrew Morris (Telford Ind).

Lawley (three seats): Mike Francis (Cons), Hamish Toon (Cons), Susan Toon (Cons), Erin Aston (Lab), Zona Hannington (Lab), Luke Lewis (Lab), David Goodall (Lib Dem), William Lowe (Lib Dem), Cathy Salter (Lib Dem), Jackie Yorke (Telford Ind), John Yorke (Telford Ind).

Madeley & Sutton Hill (three seats): Eric Bennett (Cons), Lisa Dugmore (Cons), Dorothy Roberts (Cons), Janice Jones (Lab), Paul Watling (Lab), Derek White (Lab), Paul Howard (Lib Dem), David Page (Green).

Malinslee & Dawley Bank (two seats): Pauline Jackson (Cons), Samantha Smith (Cons), Shaun Davies (Lab), Elise Davies (Lab), Patrick Doody (Lib Dem).

Muxton (two seats): Nigel Dugmore (Cons), Adrian Lawrence (Cons), Andrew Harrison (Lab), Michael Rowe (Lab), Ben Eaton (Lib Dem), Iain Alexander (Telford Ind), Jenny Urey (Telford Ind).

Newport East (one seat): Rodney Pitt (Cons), Heather Brennan (Lab), Sarah Syrda (Lib Dem).

Newport North (one seat): Tim Nelson (Cons), Matt Lamb (Lab), Mark Wiggin (Lib Dem).

Newport South (one seat): Eric Carter (Cons), Rachel Keen (Lab), Thomas Janke (Lib Dem).

Newport West (one seat): Bill Harper (Cons), Tom King (Lab), Martyn Jobe (Lib Dem), Peter Scott (Ind).

Oakengates & Ketley Bank (three seats):

Adam Karakulah (Cons)

Leanne Maddy (Cons)

Christine Orford (Cons)

Gilly Latham-Reynolds (Lab)

Steve Reynolds (Lab)

Hilda Rhodes (Lab)

Claire McKeown (Telford Ind)

Dan Williams (Telford Ind)

Sarah Williams (Telford Ind)

Dave Poole (Ind)

Katie Woodland (Ind)

Overdale & The Rock (one seat):

Rob Binks (Cons)

Mark Boylan (Lab)

David Schultz (Lib Dem)

Mark Webster (Green)

Priorslee (two seats):

David Thomas (Cons)

Rachael Tyrrell (Cons)

Rae Evans (Lab)

Gurdip Singh (Lab)

Jack Ashington-Carter (Lib Dem)

David Ellams (Lib Dem)

Mike White (Green)

Shawbirch & Dothill (two seats):

Chelsea Benion (Cons)

Charlie Ensor (Cons)

Jim McGinn (Lab)

Stuart Williams (Lab)

Bill Tomlinson (Lib Dem)

Karen Tomlinson (Lib Dem)

St Georges (two seats):

Alan Adams (Cons)

Nine Kelly-Triplett (Cons)

Stephen Handley (Lab)

Richard Overton (Lab)

Barry Mitchell (Green)

Sam Rhodes-Hodgkiss (Libertarian).

The Nedge (three seats):

Vladislav Grakdinari (Cons)

Barbara Street (Cons)

Mike Street (Cons)

Nathan England (Lab)

Leanne Powers (Lab)

Chris Turley (Lab)

Paul Bryant (Lib Dem)

Charlotte Creen (Green)

Connor Furnival (Telford Ind)

Sophia Vaughan-Hodkinson (Telford Ind)

Tamara Wood (Telford Ind)

Adrian Watkin (Ind)

Woodside (two seats):

Graham Blower (Cons)

Jacqui Seymour (Cons)

Kelly Middleton (Lab)

Helena Morgan (Lab)

Robert Salter (Lib Dem)

Wrockwardine (one seat):

Gareth Thomas (Cons)

Joan Gorse (Lab)

Josh Tomlinson (Lib Dem)

Rebecca Owen (Green)

Martin Holyoake (Telford Ind)

Wrockwardine Wood & Trench (two seats):

Anzelika Kondrasova (Cons)

Lucinda Rich (Cons)

Shirley Reynolds (Lab)

John Thompson (Lab)