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Leominster gain part of Tory success in Herefordshire

The Conservatives managed to become the largest party Herefordshire County Council following a dismal local election period for the national party thanks to gains made in a number fo wards, including in Leominster


The Tory party now has 21 seats on the 53-seat council up from 14, and just six short to form a cabinet.

The Conservatives bucked the national trend to emerge as the largest party by taking a number of wards from the Independent for Herefordshire group. It also took some seats from the Greens, including in Leominster.

In Leominster West Ward, Allan Williams took the seat from the Greens' Jill Hanna with 371 to 267. Clive Thomas of the Liberal Democrats won 109 votes.

The Conservatives also held Leominster North and Rural Ward where John Stone won 524 votes compared to the Green Party's Bryony John who came second with 456. The Lib Dem candidate, Mary Springer won 89 votes.

However the Green Party held Leominster East Ward where Jenny Bartlett for the party won 452 votes over Simon Donegan of the Conservatives' 315 and Lib Dem Marcus Murray's 137.

The Greens also held Leominster South Ward, where Mark Woodall won 379 votes over Angeline Logan of the Conservatives 262, Nick Comley (Labour) 98, and Lorraine Chatwin (Lib Dem) 104.

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