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Expert analyses images of possible Knights Templar graves - did they belong to ancient order or not?

A Knights Templar expert has asked people to do more research when looking into graves and monuments around the region.

A number of the standing stones were up at the site of White Ladies Priory. Photo: Johnny Swift

Edward Dyas has asked for people to do their research and ask for expert advice around Templar Knight graves after receiving several requests from members of the public to look at photos of what they believed might be graves of members of the order.

One recent request came from a member of the public living in the north of Wolverhampton near Boscobel on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border. He said he had found some grave stones with what appeared to be Templar symbols on them.

The stones are placed at the site of White Ladies Priory, an English priory in ruins which was dissolved in 1536, and became famous for its role in the escape of Charles II of England after the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

The name White Ladies refers to the canonesses who lived there and who wore white religious habits.

Mr Dyas said the graves at White Ladies Priory were more likely to be for nuns than for Templar Knights
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