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Telford armed robbery: Calls for reassurance from police commissioner

A councillor has called for reassurance that his part of Telford is safe following an armed robbery at a local shop.

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Councillor Stuart Parr has written to the police and crime commissioner following the armed robbery at the Spar shop at the Leegomery Centre at 7.35pm on Sunday evening.

It followed from an attempted robbery at another local shop, Hadley Park Stores, on March 3.

Councillor Parr said: "This area doesn't particularly suffer from crime, it is not a high crime area which makes this kind of incident all the more concerning.

"I have written to the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia, John Campion, to ask him what assurances he can give that it is safe for residents to be out in the community and using local businesses."

Councillor Parr told Mr Campion that "communication has been a little lacking which may be for operational reasons but the radio silence is worrying people. A statement from someone might help."

Spar UK has confirmed that an incident took place at the Leegomery shop but thankfully no one was injured.

A spokesman said: "We are aware of an incident that took place at a Spar store in Leegomery, Telford. None of our colleagues were injured and we are assisting the West Mercia Police with their investigation."

Mr Campion, has replied to Councillor Parr, saying he has passed concerns on to the local police commander.

He told him: "Following an incident such as an armed robbery, the huge resources that West Mercia has will be utilised to bring the offenders to justice.

"I recognise that these are not always visible to the community directly effected by the crime. I recognise that West Mercia needs to be better as articulating what action it is taking!"

He added: "There are more police officers in West Mercia than we have ever had, 508 more than when I got elected. My mission is to make sure the communities of West Mercia feel the benefit – out of police stations, and visible in our communities."

West Mercia Police has been asked to comment.

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