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Pub reopens to customers four weeks after being flooded by storm

It has taken four weeks but a pub submerged in the chaos of Storm Henk is back open.

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Landlord Mario Thomas can again welcome customers to The Boat Inn in Jackfield

The Boat Inn at Jackfield has been no stranger to flooding in recent years, with marks and dates listed on the pub's door standing as testament to the trying times faced by a succession of landlords.

Mario Thomas, who has been the landlord at the Admiral Taverns-owned pub since March 2022, said latest the clean-up had been an "absolute nightmare".

But on Friday Mario said he was delighted to be back behind the bar, pulling pints once again.

He said it was "amazing" to be back open, and that despite the difficulties of the clean-up, they had used the time to give the pub a bit of a face-lift.

He said: "Our problem was the furniture was that wet that all the soft furnishings had to be taken off and replaced."

He added: "It has been an absolute nightmare to get the pub clean because when the water disappears it starts to dry quite quickly and leaves a residue over everything."

Mario said specialist cleaners provided by admiral taverns had spent a week cleaning and sanitising the premises.

The landlord said he had also ordered a number of new doors for the pub at a "massive cost" – and because of the building's historic nature they have to be specially made for each door frame.

But he said they had been thrilled at help from "some great people", highlighting specifically the assistance in getting the soft furnishings back in order.

He said: "David and Trina from Telford, they came down here and took some of the furniture away and they have brought it back and what they have done is phenomenal. It is that good that Admiral Taverns have asked if they will go and do another pub for them."

Despite the joy at being able to open again Mario said he will be keeping a close eye on the weather reports after the speed of the last flood took them by surprise.

The haste with which the Severn rose left him with no time to empty the pub, leading to damaged furniture and having to pour away 130 gallons of beer.