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130 gallons of beer ruined: Flood-hit Shropshire pub finally turns to clean-up operation

It is no longer underwater but the landlord at Shropshire's most famous flood-stricken pub is only getting started on the lengthy clean-up now the River Severn has receded.

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Landlord of The Boat Inn, Mario Thomas, has started on the clean-up operation

As Storm Henk caused chaos across the county The Boat Inn at Jackfield was once again overwhelmed, ending up several feet underwater.

It's not the first time for the pub, which has suffered from the effects of a swollen Severn on many occasions over the years - the watermark of each frustrating flood is recorded on the door for posterity.

The Boat Inn in Jackfield is no longer submerged – and now attention has turned to the clean-up

Mario Thomas, 65, who has been the landlord at the pub since March 2022, said it was the third time they had been flooded in 12 months – but that this one had been by far the worst.

The speed with which the situation worsened left many across Shropshire surprised, and Mario and his wife Lisa with no chance to properly empty the pub.