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Broseley artist on display

A Shropshire artist is having her work displayed in a café in Ironbridge.

Maggie Humphry and her artwork in Cafe Eighty-Six'd

Maggie Humphry is a career artist who has lived in Broseley for over 20 years. She has turned her hand to painting in recent years after spending much of her career as a ceramicist.

Her most recent work, a series of paintings of Spanish landscapes, went on display in Café Eighty-Six'd in Ironbridge last Wednesday.

Maggie said: "We had talked about my work going on display there a couple of months back, so it was quite thrilling to drop them off with her last week, and then to discover that she'd got them all out of their packing and onto the walls in double quick time."

Much of the work currently on display is of landscapes around Andalucia in Spain, with a particular focus on the now all-but forgotten goat herding tradition there.

Maggie added: "I love that area and I love goats. Some of the houses there are 1,000 years old and people still live in them, but a lot of the young people don't want to carry on being goat herds so they move into the towns."

Molly Kovendi works at the café and is a filmmaker in her own right. Part of her job is to organise exhibitions of local artists' work.

Molly said: "I came across Maggie's work 10 years ago and I absolutely loved it and I have followed her work ever since.

"She always tells stories, which is amazing about her she is so charismatic and unique as an artist, and that translates into her work no matter what the subject matter.

"Her paintings aren't just beautiful images, they always tell stories."

Café Eighty-Six'd opens Wednesday to Sunday each week.

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