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Terrified greyhound dies of 'firework-induced heart attack'

A family have been left grieving the death of their beloved greyhound – believed to have suffered a heart attack brought on by noise from fireworks.

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Kayleigh Coates, 36, from the Rock in Telford, said she had been left heartbroken by the death of six-year-old Tiger on Friday night, and is warning other dog owners in the hopes of avoiding another tragedy.

The mother of two said that Tiger, who has been with the family for two years after being adopted from Dudley Greyhound Trust, had been inconsolable as the noise from the celebrations rang out throughout the evening.

She said that greyhound had suffered what was a suspected heart attack.

She said: "Thursday night there were fireworks over in the next street and he did not cope very well but he was alright. Friday night I was with the dogs because the girls were out with their dad and Tiger was completely paralysed. He was shaking, he did not know what to do with himself, he wouldn't eat.

Tiger had lived with the family for two years

"I was just sat watching TV because the more you fuss the worse they become. He was lying behind the sofa and just scratching a lot. I took a phone call from a family member and when I turned round to look at him he was flat out at the back of the sofa and he'd just gone.

"My first thought was he had a fit because he was dribbling but as far as we can tell he had a heart attack."

Mrs Coates said she had moved their other female greyhound, Bo, upstairs after Tiger had died, and put her in a room listening to Classic FM in a bid to keep her calm and further shielded from the noise.

She said they had been left devastated at Tiger's death, describing him as "the most loving dog".

Tiger, right, with Bo, who has been looking for Tiger since his death

Mrs Coates said that Bo has spent the days since searching for Tiger, adding to the sadness of his death.

She said: "She's looking for him which is heartbreaking to see because she does not know anything else, they have been together for two years."

Mrs Coates has now suggested that fireworks are potentially confined to organised displays that could take place in less densely populated areas – minimising the risk of distress to dogs.

She said: "Last year he did not really bother, he seemed okay last year but a lot of dogs do not cope with that sort of thing.

Kayleigh Coates with Bo and Tiger's collar

"I did everything I could, I had the TV on loud, all the windows and doors shut, the curtains down, trying to block it out but their ears are so sensitive it does not matter what you do, they can still hear it.

"I am not saying do not have fireworks but I am like a lot of people, they should be taken off general sale and the loud ones taken away and use the low end, or low impact ones that do not cause so much distress for animals.

"I think they should possibly keep them to big displays that are confined to areas that do not have a lot of houses around them."

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