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Woman who found lost ring hopes to return it after reunion with her own wedding band 12 years ago

A woman who found a ring in Teesside lake hopes to return it to its owner, after the same kind gesture happened to her 12 years ago.

Jane Price, her husband Jonathan, and their son, Sam

Jane Price, from Ludlow, was swimming in Teesside lake at the end of June when she saw the silver and black ring in the shallow end.

Jane, who works as a cleaner, said she enjoys swimming in the lake on a nice day while her husband, Jonathan, who works as a builder, watches from the bank. The couple have a son together, 10-year-old Sam.

While Jane was looking down at her feet, the ring caught her eye.

The 54-year-old said: "It was a lovely day and the water was clear. When I spotted the ring, I was instantly reminded of a story I read in the Shropshire Star about a couple, and the man had lost a ring. He had said it didn't cost much, but it was sentimental.

"It would be nice to be able to return it to the couple."

Jane had been on the receiving end of such a gesture herself, when she lost her wedding ring while shopping in Tesco on the couple's second wedding anniversary.

Jane, who married Jon in 2009, said her ring "slipped off" while shopping, and she immediately told the customer services.

The ring Jane recovered from Teesside Lake
The ring Jane recovered from Teesside Lake

"I was just so upset, I felt terrible. I couldn't believe it," Jane said.

"I left my name and number at the desk, and I was so relieved when they called me to tell me someone had handed it in.

"It was unbelievable, I doubt many people would return a ring these days!"

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