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Politicians launch bid to find the worst potholes in south Shropshire

An MP and his would-be successor have launched a survey to find the worst potholes in south Shropshire.


MP Philip Dunne and South Shropshire Conservative candidate Stuart Anderson have also invited roads minister Guy Opperman to visit the area and see for himself.

The survey aims to identify particularly bad potholes on local roads, to help Shropshire Council to tackle the worst affected areas.

Philip Dunne and Stuart Anderson

Mr Dunne thinks Shropshire Council has done a good job of reducing the backlog of potholes, but local roads have been hit by cold weather and flooding which has taken its toll.

He said: “Shropshire Council have done a good job in reducing the backlog of potholes last year, but recent cold weather and flooding takes its toll on road surfaces.

"Managing the 3,200 miles of road network in the county is a difficult task, so the more information Shropshire Council have on problem areas, the better.

"With new funding available, Stuart and I hope our survey can shine a light on the worst road stretches, and get them fixed as soon as possible.

A car rattles over a Shropshire pothole

Mr Anderson said the scale of the road network in represents a big challenge.

“Shropshire has the 17th largest road network of the 317 local authorities in England," he said.

"So managing the road network presents a big challenge."

He added that the survey will help reveal where South Shropshire road users want to see prioritised for repair, making use of the new government funding the council received from savings on HS2.

"I encourage local residents to fill in the survey and help us focus attention on South Shropshire’s worst road surfaces," he added.

Shropshire Council received additional funding before Christmas, as part of the savings made from HS2, with an additional £5.2m to help fix potholes, on top of the current baseline funding from government per year of £20.5m.

Residents can get involved by visiting the website.