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Concern for vulnerable villagers left without internet for almost two weeks after car crash

'Complex' repairs have meant villagers have been without internet and phone connections for nearly two weeks after a car crashed through a telegraph pole.

The car took out a telegraph pole before hitting the wall

Some of Chirbury's residents became disconnected on the evening of Friday, September 29, when a car driver took out the pole before crashing into two stone walls.

The lack of connection has led to concern for some of the village's more vulnerable residents.

Councillor Heather Kidd said residents had received mixed messages about being reconnected.

"I am really concerned that even when we have households of poorly vulnerable Openreach take two weeks to reconnect people," she said, adding that in 2021 it took 10 days to restore connections after a similar crash at the same junction.

"This is really concerning for elderly people but also all of those who now have yo work from home. Many rural areas just don't have mobile phone signal to give a back up service."