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Big mystery as 7ft rock set to be removed from Shropshire's Long Mynd

It is a mystery to rival those of the pyramids and Stonehenge - just how did a huge rock end up on the Long Mynd?

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A sign placed next to the mystery rock. Photo: National Trust.

The seven foot long by three foot wide rock was first spotted six months ago by National Trust rangers wandering the south Shropshire hills.

But the question is how did it get to the remote spot and why?

Despite signs being put up around the stone urging the pranksters to come forward and reclaim it, no one has stepped forward, so now the trust has taken matters into its own hands to remove the giant rock.

Kate Baker from the National Trust said: "A large rock has been left on National Trust land at the Long Mynd.

"The rock is not of local stone and is some 7ft long x 3ft wide. It is not known how the rock got there, but it would have taken considerable effort to place it there. It was discovered six months ago and has a small sun motif carved into it.

"The Long Mynd is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, therefore local National Trust rangers have arranged to have it removed.

"Over the past four weeks, rangers have left a sign at the rock and posted on social media to try reach the person who left it, in the hope of letting them know the plans to remove it and offer the chance to take it back. So far no one has come forward."