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Engineers to look at Shrewsbury roundabout after traffic light 'upgrade' causes hour-long delays

Engineers are set to look at the traffic lights on a busy roundabout after 'upgrades' caused Easter misery for drivers.

Drivers have been struggling to get out of the garden centre and services at Dobbies island

Motorists have complained about being stuck for up to an hour as they try to exit the service station and garden centre at Bayston Hill Roundabout, also known as Dobbies island, on the edge of Shrewsbury, where the A5 meets the A49 from south Shropshire and A5112 from the town centre and Meole Brace.

Work to upgrade the lights was carried out on Thursday, March 21, which drivers and business owners say coincides with when traffic problems got worse as drivers entering the junction getting stuck at lights on the roundabout. Queuing traffic then blocks other motorists heading in other directions.

Stuart Brown, restaurant manager at Dobbies Garden Centre, said the trouble started "a week last Friday".

"The sequencing of the lights is out at the moment, it's causing absolute mayhem," he said. "Our customers were taking an hour from the car park to the roundabout. They were rather upset and phoning, asking us to stop the traffic.

"It's affected our business, definitely, it's affected everybody on the whole park."