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Large home planned to border Shropshire Way path would 'desecrate' area say objectors

Plans to build a large house bordering the Shropshire Way have been met by objections from walkers and residents.

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A planning application for a four-bedroom house at the end of Beehive Lane in the Kingsland area of Shrewsbury, has brought protests by the Shropshire Way Association and the Shrewsbury Ramblers Group.

The say the construction would 'desecrate' the hidden valley.

Agents for the applicant says the proposal seeks to integrate the house with the landscape sensitively.

The plans are for a large, four-bedroom home with views over the valley.

Ian Kilby from agents Berry's said the open pastoral character of the valley will not be changed as a result of the proposal.

"It seeks to integrate the house with the landscape sensitively and positively," he said.

Objectors said the quiet, Beehive lane is a footpath taking walkers to a pretty crossing of the Rad Brook in a peaceful and surprisingly rural environment within the town, from Longden Road towards Kingsland. There have been 56 objectors to Shropshire Council and seven writing in support of the plans.

They include Shrewsbury Town Council and Shrewsbury Civic Society as well as walking organisations and environmental supporters who say the area is an important green corridor.

A spokesperson for the Shropshire Way Association said: “This a special place and was chosen in 1980 as the route for the Shropshire Way from Kingsland Bridge to Meole Brace and on to the Shropshire Hills. It is a hidden rural valley through trees and wildflowers which is treasured by those who know it. We are shocked at the suggestion of building a large house on this land bordering the Shropshire Way. It would amount to desecration of a special place”.

Shrewsbury Ramblers, the local group of the Ramblers Association, has also lodged an objection.

“The affected section of Beehive Lane is a highly regarded green corridor that is much used and appreciated by walkers and local resident," a spokesperson said.

The development of a large residence adjacent to the Shropshire Way will inevitably work to the detriment of this delightful, secluded, valley."

"Help to preserve this unique green space in the Conservation Area by going to The deadline for comments is Wednesday, May 31.

The Shropshire Way is a 200-mile linear route links Shrewsbury with the historic towns and villages of Shropshire, including some Walkers are Welcome towns, through varied countryside. The Shropshire Way has a southern and a northern loop to form a figure of eight, centred on Shrewsbury.