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Take a tour round the 400-year-old pub which also has a resident ghost in night clothes

As pubs continue to battle the cost of living crisis, the Shropshire Star continues its Love Your Local series which celebrates our local inns.

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Landlord Richard Lear outside The Castle Hotel in Wem

It's the oldest pub in a delightful county town, full of character and very cosy and may, possibly, be haunted.

The Castle Hotel in Wem is a pub full of history and culture that manages to combine ancient beams and oak frames with modern touches that help make it not only a pub, but a community hub.

The pub on the High Street is the oldest in the town, as evidenced by the county maps and census records which say it dates back more than 400 years and was named after Wem Castle.

Landlord Richard Lear says the castle was clearly visible from the pub when the area was less built up and spoke about what the pub was used for in the past.

He explains: "It was used for various things as it used to be the courthouse in Wem in the upstairs of this building and it was a coaching stop and still has the area at the back where the stables were.

"At the very end of the stables, you've got where they used to put prisoners when there were being transferred from north to south or south to north.

"There's also the old sandstone wall where there used to be the blacksmith's workshop and, also, you can see the entrance on our garden at the back a bricktop entrance to the old Smithfield market."