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Kitten found with 'deliberate' chemical burns 'moving in the right direction'

The team helping tend to the badly hurt kitten that was found on the roadside with 'deliberate' chemical burns all over his face have shared an update.

Wally the kitten. Photo: CATW Cat Assist Whitchurch.

Cat Assist Team Whitchurch has shared an update on 15-week-old Wally, who was found badly injured on a roadside in Prees on Monday.

The team says that it appeared the kitten had been deliberately targeted in an attack, leaving him with chemical burns all over his face, paws and back.

Wally was released from the veterinary hospital on Tuesday but is still under 24-hour observation. His condition has been described as stable, but volunteers warned he wasn't "out of the woods yet".

On Thursday, the team posted an update, showing that the wounds on Wally's face have begun to heal.

"We feel we are dealing with quite a bit of hair folical damage so Wally may well be left with some serious scarring more so to the face and back," the organisation shared on Facebook.

"His left eye has some what we are hoping is minor damage so he has special ointment.

"With numerous magic lotions and potions being applied and keeping his pain levels at a minimum we are hoping we are moving in the right direction."

The team described the 15-week-old kitten as a "little warrior" and said he was a "special little boy".

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