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Town council proposing 'substantial' renovation of public toilets

A town council is set to carry out a "substantial renovation" of one of its public toilet blocks.

Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council has announced the plans for the Gravel Car Park toilets.

Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council said it would be carrying out the work to the public toilets at the Gravel Car Park, in Newtown.

Since its formal transfer from Powys County Council to the town council in 2018, the facility has faced increasing challenges due to wear and tear, according to the authority.

In a statement the council said: "Recognising the importance of maintaining essential amenities to a high standard, your town council has proposed a comprehensive overhaul.

"This solution entails the complete removal of existing fixtures and a redesign of the internal layout to better serve the community's needs.

"The proposed redesign aims to accommodate up to five externally accessible toilet cubicles, with three designated as gender-neutral and separate facilities for male and female use.

"Additionally, the renovation will include the installation of 'changing places' facilities, a disabled toilet, and a dedicated baby changing area with toilet, ensuring accessibility for all members of the community.

"The inclusion of ‘changing places’ is particularly significant and will be the only such publicly-owned facility for many miles."

It added: "In order to help fund this vital project, your town council has proactively sought various grant funding opportunities including the Transforming Towns fund and potential grants from organisations such as the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund and PAVO.

"The town council is committed to pursuing all available avenues to secure necessary funding."

The council added that it is "committed to ensuring that the Gravel Car Park's public toilets meet the highest standards of accessibility and inclusivity."

It said: "The transformation of these facilities will not only enhance the town's infrastructure but also foster a more welcoming environment for everyone."

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