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Crucial classes for Bridgnorth youngsters

Children in Bridgnorth will get to experience a 'crucial' safety and personal awareness programme in Bridgnorth next week.

Crucial Crew

Bridgnorth and South Shropshire Crucial Crew will run at Bridgnorth Rugby Club, with over 150 ten-year-olds a day attending.

The event has run for over 20 years and features workshops provided by organisations from the police and fire service to school nurses and road safety experts, with the children hosted by volunteers in every session.

Each 15-minute segment is geared towards helping children understand potentially difficult or challenging situations which may affect their health or wellbeing as they move onto senior school in September

The chair of the Bridgnorth and Shropshire group, Chris Aked, said: "First and foremost the children love being outside their school environment for the day and experiencing new things. They will see and learn so much during the day that will help them as they move on towards their senior schools later in the year.”

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