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Sneak peek at Telford's memorial garden in tribute to Covid victims

A council leader has shared a sneak preview of a Covid memorial garden that will pay tribute to loved ones and give thanks to key workers.

Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, Shaun Davies shared the sneak peek of the new Covid memorial garden

Telford & Wrekin Council is creating a Covid memorial garden within Telford Town Park.

The one-acre garden, which will be located to the northwest of the Dark Lane car park, will feature a range of different tree species, meadow planting, a number of benches and a memorial sculptural piece.

On Saturday, February 4, Councillor Shaun Davies shared a picture of the development on social media, showing an entrance arch and ground prepared for planting.

People in Telford and Wrekin who lost family members were previously asked to contribute to the creation of the garden and invited to join artist Joseph Hillier to influence the sculpture.

Last year, the council said it hoped the garden will be a place where residents can come to remember loved ones and find comfort in a peaceful setting, surrounded by nature.

Councillor Kelly Middleton said: "This garden will be a very special place. As a council, we would like to express our profound sympathies to everyone in our community who has lost a loved one to Covid.

"We hope that this memorial garden will offer you a comforting and beautiful space to come and remember them."