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Ludlow's Covid victims to be honoured with planting of oak tree

A Shropshire town council is to honour victims of the coronavirus pandemic with a tree planting - and the community is invited to participate.

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Sidney Road where the tree is to be planted

Ludlow Town Council said it plans to commemorate the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic by planting an oak tree at the new Sidney Road Town Green.

The tree is intended to serve as a poignant memorial but also celebrate the resilience and unity of the community during challenging times.

A spokesperson for Ludlow Town Council said: "The Covid-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on communities worldwide.

"Ludlow Town Council hopes the oak tree will serve as a lasting tribute to those who have lost their lives and those affected by the pandemic in our community.

"We would like to invite the local community to join us in the tree planting ceremony on Wednesday, February 21 at 11.30am, at the Sidney Road Town Green, Sheet Road."

In addition to the tree planting, a permanent commemorative plaque will be installed at the base of the oak tree, a reminder of the lives lost and the community’s commitment to remembrance.

The tree will be registered on the Royal Horticulture Society national map as part of the Roots to Remembrance project, to commemorate those affected by the pandemic.