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Holidaymakers stranded in Pontesbury as lake forms across main road through village

A 'large number' of drivers have been stranded in a Shropshire village after a lake formed and the road was closed.

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Flooded road in Pontesbury. Image: Niki Hall

The middle of Pontesbury was turned into a lake during this morning's deluge, and a long line of traffic found itself stuck in Minsterley Road with no idea when they could carry on their journeys.

Drivers took refuge in The Horseshoe Inn where they could at least keep warm and have a tea or coffee. But even staff at the pub found themselves unable to get to work.

Terry Osborne and his wife Elaine found a friendly welcome at the pub when they could not continue on their journey from a holiday in north Wales back to their home in Cornwall.

"Wales was fine," he said. "The problems came when we crossed the border.

"We struggled to get into Pontesbury because the roundabout was flooded like a river and a road was closed. We couldn't go either way. We were turned around at several places."

They had left on their journey at 7.30am and had intended to cross Shropshire as they made their way to the M5.

"We could see other people were turning around but we don't know the area," he added.

But he wasn't alone in The Horsehoe where member of staff Kim Dillow said she had been expecting fewer customers.

"I thought we were going to have a quiet day," she said. "But people can't get through the village. At least they are safe here in the dry with a tea and coffee."

Nikita Hall, from Shawbury, said her mum, a carer, was one of the people stuck in the Pontesbury traffic.

"She and others need to get to work, there are people there who need looking after.

"The police told my mum that they can’t use a pump as there is nowhere to put the pumped water which is ridiculous because surely they have lorry pumps with tanks or other options

"Surely the council would’ve had more preparations put in place rather than police and fire crews stood doing nothing leaving that line of cars stranded almost."

AA Traffic News shows continuing problems in the village and on the A488 at Pontesbury, Minsterley, Plox Green and throughout the Hope Valley.