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Hundreds of knives seized in latest West Mercia Police crackdown

West Mercia Police officers seized more than 400 knives in a crackdown on knife crime.


As part of a national week of action to 'challenge and reduce the threat of knife crime', 446 knives were recovered in Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire between Sunday, May 13 and 19, with 15 arrests made.

Meanwhile 6,561 pupils engaged with 'Operation Sceptre' as youth engagement teams visited colleges and senior schools.

Furthermore, 554 people engaged in the operation at community centres, youth clubs, and with community engagement vans.

Members of the police force highlighted the dangers and consequences of carrying knifes as well as covering how to report a crime.

Police officers conducted 82 'weapon sweeps' in areas known for people depositing weapons and knives in surrender bins, as well as 58 stop-and-searches.

Inspector, Mike Phillips, from the Problem Solving Central Team, said: "Operation Sceptre is a national week of action that highlights our work to tackle knife crime, however it is important to stress that our work continues beyond this week of action and our officers are working every day to reduce the number of knives being carried and the number of people being hurt by them.

"If you are worried that someone you know is carrying a knife, please report it. We can then take the necessary steps to safeguard them."

Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, added: "The results from Op Sceptre demonstrate the efforts and commitment being made by West Mercia Police to keep communities safe.

"It is also encouraging to see so many young people engaged with visits from officers to understand the devastating impact that knife crime can have on an individual’s life and that of the community.

"We know that knife crime is a social issue and while rates are low in West Mercia, I will continue to provide West Mercia Police with the tools and resources it needs to keep knives off our streets."

West Mercia Police also shared Lyndsey Kirwan-Blythe's story, following her husband’s murder in February 2022.

Ian Kirwan was killed at a supermarket in Redditch by a teenager carrying a knife.

In an interview with West Mercia Police, Lyndsey has urged parents to speak to their children and look for changes in their behaviour.

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