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Telford man had drunken row with 'biker' outside Costa in Birmingham Airport after three pints

A Telford holidaymaker who got in a drunken row with a "biker" outside a Costa in Birmingham Airport after three pints of Guinness called police who came to arrest him "clueless idiots".

Police were called to the Birmingham Airport terminal building

Thomas Willis, from Dawley, flew in from Northern Ireland on January 28 this year having drunk three pints of Irish stout in an airport bar in Belfast, and bought more alcohol at a Marks & Spencer at Birmingham Airport after touching down.

He then got into a row with a man he thought was trying to "bully" him, a court heard. Police were called and their attempts to defuse the situation failed.

Birmingham Magistrates Court was told on Wednesday by a prosecutor that Willis, aged 34, was reported to be "shouting at another male, saying 'you can't bully me'" outside a Costa branch in the airport terminal building.

Police officers attended and noted that Willis smelled of alcohol, had glazed eyes and was carrying a four-pack of Peroni lager.