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Prolific robber who held bookmaker hostage during 'scumbag rampage' jailed for 12 years

A prolific criminal who held a betting shop worker hostage whilst repeatedly threatening to stab her to death has been jailed for 12 years.

Aaron Pitt admitted stealing a police car

Aaron Pitt, 43, went on a self-confessed "scumbag rampage" using knives, blades, hammers and other weapons robbing stores throughout Walsall.

When finally apprehended by the law in May 2022 he attacked officers and even tried to escape in a police car he had somehow managed to get into the driving seat of.

Pitt wrote a confession to police officers about his crimes and pleaded guilty to robberies at Tesco Express in Willenhall, a Spar and Credit Union in Bloxwich, and Iceland in Walsall. However, his viciousness during the armed robbery of the bookmakers left a woman fearing for her life.

He terrified staff and customers in all the shops wearing a variety of masks and t-shirts pulled over his head. Pitt's victims were left in fear, with PTSD and one woman said she is too scared to leave her home.

However, Pitt's worst crime was at William Hill, Leamore, when he put a young worker through a shocking ordeal whilst carrying a hammer and knife. Acting bizarrely, wearing tea-towels over his shoes, and carrying heroin syringes with him, Pitt also remarked on the woman's looks making her believe she would be raped.