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'Stupid' drink-driver smashed into house after necking four cans at barbecue

A drink-driver had four cans of lager at a barbecue before smashing his car into a house with a mother and daughter inside.


Phillip Marshall, aged 28, had been drinking at a friend’s house in Morda, Oswestry, before “stupidly” deciding to get into his Volkswagen Scirocco to drive home on May 1 this year.

Telford Magistrates’ Court heard how a woman who lived at a house in Roft Street was watching TV with her mother at about 7pm when she heard a “massive bang” that made the front door fly open. The noise “scared her so much she was shaking”, the court was told.

The woman went to close the door, but realised it was broken and then saw a car had been driven into the house.

Marshall was sitting inside the car and was on the phone. A neighbour came to check that he was alright. When police arrived, he told them he had “taken a corner a bit too quickly and crashed”.

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