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Police warning after 'selfish and mindless' fire attack on speed camera

An attack on a speed camera that was swallowed up by flames will have "no impact" on any evidence of speeding that has been recorded on it, unimpressed officials say.

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The speed camera caught fire on Wednesday night. Photo: Aaron Hawtin

The West Mercia Police Road Safety team hit out at the "selfish and mindless vandalising" of the speed camera in Telford on Wednesday night.

Emergency services were called out to the camera on the north side of Haybridge Road, Hadley, soon after 11pm and fire crews extinguished the flames engulfing both it and a black object found on top of it.

Aaron Hawtin of Wellington spotted the flaming camera while passing and took photos of fire crews fighting the blaze.

The speed camera caught fire on Wednesday night. Photo: Aaron Hawtin

The West Mercia Police Road Safety team has encouraged anyone with information on the attack to share it with officers.

A statement said: "We can confirm that the speed enforcement camera on Haybridge Road in Telford was vandalised on Wednesday evening. This offence is currently being investigated by West Mercia Police.

"Enforcement activity aims to improve the safety of the road and the quality of life for people living in the area. The selfish and mindless vandalism that has taken place reflects the attitude present in fortunately only a minority of individuals who disregard others and attempt to undermine positive action.

"The site on Haybridge Road houses a digital camera which automatically transfers data to a remote back office location in real-time. Therefore, acts of vandalism will have no impact on evidence captured on it.

"The speed enforcement site on Haybridge Road was launched in October 2016. The camera was installed to reduce the speed of vehicles using the road after speed data identified that a significant proportion of motorists were breaking the 30mph speed limit, and a number of injury collisions had taken place where speed was a contributory factor.

"Anyone with information relating to this incident can report it to the police online and quoting incident number 663i of December 7, 2022."

Alternatively, call police on 101.